About the Digital Library

The Knowlton School Digital Library at The Ohio State University is an online media resource library that primarily supports the ArchitectureLandscape ArchitectureCity and Regional Planning sections and related curricula and research at the Knowlton School. Contents of the Library currently include over 34,000 multimedia files, including digitized faculty research collections, original student projects, design plans, photos from around the world and open access lectures from all three disciplines.
The Digital Library was funded in 2000 by a TELR (now Learning Technology) grant and contributions from the Knowlton School of Architecture. It is also privately supported by the Knowlton School of Architecture Digital Library Fund established by Frank Elmer (Knowlton School of Architecture class of 1967) and Ruth Gless, founding partners in Lincoln Street Studio, Columbus.

The first version of the Digital Library was developed in 2001 by Ohio State's Web Media Collective, a campus-wide effort to share media assets through a virtual library infrastructure. Staff and student employees developed the second version of the library in Drupal and launched it from Knowlton servers in February 2011. Bringing it in-house enabled the Digital Library to better interface with other parts of the Knowlton web presence, such as the main website. Version three went live in August 2013, with numerous progressive enhancements to date.

System Specialist, Zachary Maiorana
Zachary Maiorana
System Specialist
Knowlton School
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