Waterfront Park, Charleston, South Carolina

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Kathleen Goepfert (was created by)
Sasaki Associates, Inc. (landscape architect)
"The master plan for the Charleston Peninsula provided the framework for the ecological restoration and public_access/private development with the goal of bringing new life to the waterfront and providing a safe, rich and attractive environment that would invite residents, visitors, shoppers, and business people to the historic downtown at the waterfront. Sasaki's subsequent design for the seven-acre Waterfront Park transformed the underutilized Cooper riverfront into a long curving expanse of green that includes a 1,200 foot promenade along the water's edge, recreational piers, shade structures, participatory fountains, lawns and seating walls, and quiet gardens under a grove of live oaks. Restoring native vegetation and featuring the "low country" way of life contributes to the ecologic value and popularity of the waterfront areas. Within the park, existing marsh grasses along the promenade have been restored and supplemented to protect the river's marine ecology." --http://www.sasaki.com/what/portfolio.cgi?fid=28&service=2&page=1
1990s (1990 - 1999)
deciduous shrubs
deciduous trees
paving stone