War Memorial Center, Milwaukee Art Museum

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Originally known as the Milwaukee Art Center, the name was changed to Milwaukee Art Museum in 1980. "Famed Finnish architect Eero Saarinen (popularly known for his St. Louis Arch) designed the building, with Maynard Meyer of Milwaukee as associate architect. Saarinen's unique design for a floating cruciform with cantilevered portions created excitement in the community, and is now considered a classic in the development of modern architecture. The lower portion of the building would provide room for exhibitions and classes. Construction began in 1955 and the building opened in 1957, when the Milwaukee Art Institute and Layton Art Gallery merged their collections and projects to form the Milwaukee Art Center . A tiled mosaic was also added to the building facade that year. Designed by Wisconsin artist Edmund Lewandowski, its intricate pattern of Roman numerals commemorates the years of World War II and the Korean War." --http://www.mam.org/thebuilding/history.htm Keywords: United States, Wisconsin, Milwaukee County, exhibition and exhibition structures, views. Submitted by Sandipan Aditya.
1950s (1950 - 1959)