Wall Flowers Installation, Austin E. Knowlton Hall, The Ohio State University

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November-December 2005
This installation by Ken Smith, titled "Wall Flowers" was located in the Banvard Gallery on main level of Knowlton Hall. "Wall Flowers is a contemporary version of flowered wallpaper. Typical wallpaper is based on a repeating motif that extends in a regular and uniform pattern across an entire wall surface. This project howerver is based on a procedural method that results in an organized pattern that is indeterminant and organic. Every installation of Wall Flowers will be different. Additionally, while conventional wallpaper is two-dimensional this project uses artificial flowers that are attached to the wall creating a three dimensional relief. The name refers to the camouflage nature of wallpaper to hide a wall or cover up an imperfect surface. Ironically, here Wall Flowers is intended to both blend in and stand out. Wall Flowers is organized on an invisible grid and the exact flower placement and flower choice is subject to a specified installation process. For this installation of Wall Flowers, seven flower types were selected. Individual flowers are chosen at random and placed in one of nine positions until all positions are used, at which point the process is begun again and again until every grid on the wall has been used." Installation Process: 1) Establish a temporary 12-inch grid of guidelines on the wall. 2) Select artificial flowers individually at random. 3) Using random selection process place one flower in each 12-inch grid, in one of nine possible locations; center, one of four corners or one of four sides. Once a position has been used, the next selection must be made from the remaining positions until all nine positions have been used. 4) Continue this process until all grids on the wall have been filled. When finished erase the temporary grid guidelines." --Ken Smith, Landscape Architect Keywords: United States, Ohio, Franklin County, Columbus, The Ohio State University, views, installations (visual works), wallflower, KSA, Knowlton School of Architecture.
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