Volksgarten, Vienna, Austria

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Goldie Ludovici (was created by)
Pietro Nobile (architect)
"The Volksgarten is situated in the 1st district and was designed in 1819. In 1822 Peter von Nobile established a coffeehouse in the Volksgarten which was also the scene of concerts by Johann Strauss the Elder, Josef Lanner and others. Special attractions in the Volksgarten are the Theseus Temple, a basin with fountain sculptures by V. Tilgner, the Grillparzer monument by C. Hasenauer, C. Kundmann and R. Weyr and a marble monument of the enthroned Empress Elisabeth (by H. Bitterlich)." -http://www.aboutvienna.org/parks/volksgarten.htm#1
19th Century (1800 - 1899 CE)