Villa La Roche, Paris, France

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Jane Murphy (was created by)
Le Corbusier (architect)
This villa is thought to be Le Corbusier's first house to bring together all of his five points of architecture: free plan, free facade, ribbon windows, roof garden, and piloti. The villa is now in the care of the Foundation Le Corbusier. "... the Foundation Le Corbusier was set up in Villas Jeanneret and La Roche, at 8-10 Square du Docteur Blanche in Paris (16th arrondissement). The Foundation owns most of the original drawings, studies and plans by Le Corbusier, (in collaboration with Pierre Jeanneret from 1922 to 1940), as well as a sizable collection of written and photography archives. In addition, it possesses numerous painting in various techniques by Le Corbusier who was also a painter. It is responsible for preserving this heritage and makes constant efforts to improve classification methods and consultation conditions. It opens its library and archives to historians, researchers, students, architects, and other interested persons, in accordance with modalities which vary depending on the nature and state of presentation of the documents. It receives about 15.000 visitors at Villa La Roche every year." Keyword: Maison La Roche-Jeanneret, Haus La Roche-Jeanneret, Library.
1920s (1920 - 1929)
International Style