Villa Barbarigo, Valsanzibio, Padova, Italy

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Garden was finished in 1678
The Garden of Villa Barbarigo is dominated by two intersecting axes, the most prominent runs north to south from the main entrance of the garden to a large flight of stairs. Also within the garden are two pools, linked by the east-west axis, fountains, a labyrinth and several series of paths that disappear into the surrounding hills. Allegorical statues and pavilions pay homage to the Greek figures of Diana the Huntress, Chronos and Aeolus. Keywords: Italy, Padova, Padua, drawings and/or plans, landscapes (environments), planned landscapes, outdoor spaces, gardens.
17th Century (1600 - 1699 CE)
Puppi, L. (1991). Hell and Paradise Are Here: The Garden of Villa Barbarigo at Valsanzibio, Padua (185-187). in Mosser, M. & Teyssot, G. (Eds.). The Architecture of Western Gardens. Cambridge, MA: The MIT Press.