Veterans Emergency Housing (Buckeye Village), The Ohio State University

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Howard Dwight Smith (architect)
various buildings were demolished between 1959-1962;1946
The construction of these buildings was done in three sections designated as Parts I, II, and III or Projects I, II, and III. Project I consisted of the 10 dormitories for single students, the cafeteria (2517 North Lorain Avenue), and the cafeteria power plant on Lorain Avenue. Project II consisted of 16 dormitory buildings for single students on Hardin Street. Project III consisted of all the remaining buildings. The Power Plant was a pre-existing farm building converted for the power plant use. The buildings were erected by John A. Johnson and Sons of Brooklyn, New York under a contract with the Federal Housing Authority. All buildings were located West of Olentangy River Road and north of West Lane Avenue. Alternate names noted: Buckeye Village G. I. Village The Village River Road Dorms River Road Housing River Road Emergency Housing Lane Avenue Housing Project Emergency Housing Keywords: United States, Ohio, Franklin County, Columbus, The Ohio State University, OSU, Herrick Archives building number H 458, institutional buildings, utilities building, military housing. University Archives # X12019.