Umbrella, Culver City, California

Related people
Robert Wandel (was created by)
Eric Owen Moss (architect)
"The Umbrella is a cascading series of laminated glass panels mounted over an open air platform and stairway. It is the first building visible, directly ahead, after passing through the Stealth into the complex of six buildings on a formerly industrial site. The Umbrella functions as a bandstand for musicians or speechmakers, and as lunchtime seating area and roof deck from which to view the entire site. The Umbrella structure is a careful amalgamation of two existing roof trusses, two recycled trusses from a demolished building on the site, and a new steel truss-like beam. A steel pipe structure attached to the trusses, which covers the bleacher/stairs, supports the rippled glass canopy. Directly below the Umbrella, is a video/conference center. Beyond that space are avid bays, open production areas, conference spaces, and private offices for the tenant, t minus 30 Films, an advertising and film production company. " Keywords: United States, California, Los Angeles County, commercial structures, canopies. Submitted by Kay Bea Jones.
21st Century (2000 - 2099)