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Knowlton School Digital LibraryWorkTurning Torso, Malmo, Skane, Sweden [43222]

Turning Torso, Malmo, Skane, Sweden

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Gregory Tran (was created by)
Santiago Calatrava Valls (architect)
2005-11;February 13 2001 at 19:00
When the 140-meter-high Kockum shipyard crane was dismantled, Malm̦ lost the symbol that had been the mark of the Swedish industrial port since 1974. The city found itself in need of a new landmark. The result was the Turning Torso, which, since its inauguration in autumn 2005 has symbolized Malm̦'s transformation from a Swedish industrial society to an international knowledge society. It was designed for the European Housing Expo 2001 and is based on Calatrava's sculpture 'Turning Torso." The tower consists of nine five-story cubes and, at 190 meters, is provisionally the tallest residential structure in Northern Europe. The bottom two cubes of the building house offices, while the top seven cubes contain 147 apartments, ranging in size from 45-square-meter studio apartments to 190-square-meter five-room apartments.
2000s (2000 - 2009)
190 m ()