The Whole World’s a Zoo

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Matt Lindsay (was created by)
Jacqueline Stern (was created by)
Benjamin Wilke (studio professor)
Stephen Turk (studio professor)
Spring 2015
Just as the 1909 Theorem had predicted, the city became the structure; the city became the circulation. Humans and animals alike made it their home. The infinite platforms of Zoo City held the opportunity for each and all to create their homes and habitats anew. The setup is Sir Creek, a formerly disputed border between Pakistan and India, has formed an autonomous Zoo City. All those down and out animals are welcome. The City was the answer! The people had adapted the environments, the world in fact, to their needs. And all the animals adapted to their new artificial environments. And so with that humans’ greatest flaw, their ever increasing need to exploit and change their environments became Zoo City’s greatest asset. The city of the humans could provide the separation and controlled circulation through and between all the disparate animal environments. The city could at once provide for humans’ many and ever changing needs while also providing for the fellow animals the same delineation and protection that they had once gotten from the vastness of the planet but was now in Zoo City made explicit by architecture.
2010s (2010 - 2019)
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