Termini Station, Rome, Italy

Related people
Eugenio Montuori (architect)
Leo Calini (architect)
Salvatore Bianchi (architect)
Angiolo Mazzoni del Grande (architect)
Massimo Castellazzi (architect)
Vasco Fadigati (architect)
Achille Pintonello (architect)
Annibale Vitellozzi (architect)
Original structure: 1867;First renovation design accepted: 1939;Renovation construction begins: 1940's;Station Renewal project: 1998
The Termini station by Eugenio Montuori, Leo Calini, Annibale Vitellozzi, Massimo Castellazzi, Vasco Fadigati and Achille Pintonello is located in the historic center of Rome, adjacent to Piazza dei Cinquecento at the corner of Via Cavour and Via G. Giolitti. The station acts a bus, train, and metro transportation hub for the city. It has evolved over years, growing and changing from extensive renovations and addition projects.
1940s (1940 - 1949)
1950s (1950 - 1959)