Terminal 4, Madrid Barajas Airport, Madrid, Spain

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The terminal, which is now the largest in Spain, has been commissioned to enable Barajas International Airport to compete with major hub airports within Europe. The core building comprises a sequence of parallel buildings separated by a linear block, allowing the landscape and daylight to penetrate deep into the interior. The same form is applied to the satellite, which is comprised of two linear blocks, one for passport control and the other containing the gates. Linear roof structures oversail the floors and are connected above by a chain of rooflights, permitting maximum flexibility in the disposition of accommodation on each of the floors. This linear arrangement enables the building to be expanded in phases up to the year 2010. The new terminal has a metro, rail station and land-side transit link to the existing terminals as well as a transit system linking the core terminal with the satellite. --http://www.richardrogers.co.uk/
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