Tempietto of San Pietro, Rome, Italy

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Aimee Moore (was created by)
Donato Bramante (architect)
"Known as the Tempietto, the completed building is a two-story cylinder capped by a hemispherical dome and surrounded by a one-story Doric colonnade with entablature and balustrade. The metope panels of the frieze display symbols connecting the current authority of the pope to the grandeur of antiquity. Only the doorway is awkward in its random positioning within one of the sixteen repetitive column bays, its uniqueness celebrated only by a modest set of steps." -- Moffett, M., Fazio, M., Wodehouse, L. (2004). A World History of Architecture. Burr Ridge, IL: Mc Graw Hill. pp. 317. Keywords: Italy, Roma, Rome, ceremonial structures, martyria, exterior, domes. Submitted by Aimee Moore for ARCH/LARCH 200: Outlines of Architecture/Landscape Architecture.
16th Century (1500 - 1599 CE)