Student project by Michael Suriano, 2004: Gallery Addition, Villa Stein de Monzie

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This was a graduate student project by Michael Suriano for Jose Oubrerie's ARCH 841 course, Autumn 2004. This project involved an addition to an existing Le Corbusier residential design. After an in-depth analysis of various Corbusian villas and their underlying themes and devices, students were posed with creating a small gallery addition to their respective house. The goal was two fold; to gain an understanding of what methodologies were being deployed in the villas, and to reinterpret those same methodologies in a way which brought to light new potentials for the schema. The goal of this project in particular at Villa Stein, was to employ techniques Le Corbusier used in plan, to fuse ideas of sectional interest, boundary, and circulation, as well as their relationships to his Purist painting of the time. This work is a part of the online collections of the Knowlton School of Architecture Student Archives, The Ohio State University. It is part of an effort to make accessible student work ranging from the first student that graduated from the program in 1903 to the present. The effort to preserve and digitize drawings in the Student Archives was sponsored in part by the Graham Foundation.
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