Student project by Joel Burke and Kevin Smith, 2005: Multi-family Housing in New Orleans

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This was a graduate student project by Joel Burke and Kevin Smith for Andrew Kudless's ARCH 341 course, Autumn 2005. "The goal for this projects was to create an efficient means of construction that would allow for the densification of a particular area within the context of a city. Working in conjunction our project utilized standard building elements, either panels or frames that could be assembled in multiple variations to allow for difference and subsequently allow the entirety of the project to fit well within its context. As a site planning strategy these individual units were then used to create outdoor spaces both for the individual as well as the community. A common coding was adopted to allow the entirety of the project to be read as one while the individual parts were subsumed into the whole. Transparency and layering were also utilized to give architectural interest to an otherwise standard means of construction." -- Joel Burke and Kevin Smith
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