Student project by Brian Spring, 2004: Wright Brothers Flight Memorial

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This was an undergraduate student project by Brian Spring for Stephen Roe's ARCH 341 course, Autumn 2004. This project involved a memorial on the education and presentation areas. "The programmatic focus of the memorial was on the education and presentation areas, which in order to maximize effectiveness required a constant dialogue either by a physical, visual, or audible connection. The memorial was sited so that it separated itself from both vehicular and aircraft noise, but still remained the primary spectacle in the proximity of the intersection of two major roadways. The building tectonic stemmed from the repetition of the ribbing in the 1903 flyer, which allowed for flight by giving form to the biplane wing while still permitting dynamism. The tectonic is articulated in a manner that permits views through the memorial from the periphery, but effectively focuses views towards the artifacts on the interior. Observers within the memorial are subject to a variety of informative media and understanding is achieved when the different types are experienced simultaneously and ultimately coalesce. " -- Brian Spring This work is a part of the online collections of the Knowlton School of Architecture Student Archives, The Ohio State University. It is part of an effort to make accessible student work ranging from the first student that graduated from the program in 1903 to the present. The effort to preserve and digitize drawings in the Student Archives was sponsored in part by the Graham Foundation.
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