Stowe Landscape Gardens

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    View of Bridge
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Lancelot Capability Brown (landscape architect)
William Kent (landscape architect)
Charles Bridgeman (landscape architect)
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The Stowe Landscape Garden is one of the most well-known of the English-style landscape gardens. This garden was designed to reflect an idealized classical landscape and boasts over thirty buildings. Over the course of its development, the Temple family hired several key landscape architects and landscape designers, including Charles Bridgeman, William Kent and Lancelot "Capability" Brown. Stowe is currently managed under the National Trust, which is a registered charity that aims to protect and preserve the natural and cultural resources of Great Britain, Wales and Northern Ireland. Founded in 1895, the trust has aquired over 617,500 acres of countryside, beaches and coastline as well as a number of castles and other historically significant structures. Keywords: Stowe, Bridgeman, Kent, Brown, United Kingdom, England, Buckinghamshire, garden structures, landscapes (environments), site and landscaped elements, outdoor spaces, garden, Neoclassical.
17th Century (1600 - 1699 CE)
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