SSM-Kanno Museum, Shiogama, Japan

  • Date
    5/26/2007 (creation)
Related people
Robert Livesey (was created by)
Hitoshi Abe (architect)
"Located in a small town on a hilly site with a view of the Pacific Ocean, this is a design for a private art museum intended to permanently display eight sculptures owned by the client. Rather than a white cube able to accommodate any type of exhibition, we aimed to design a unique landscape, and specific places for exhibiting each of the sculptures. Within the predetermined 10m x 12m x 10m volume, the architecture was given form by creating the eight spaces to hold the sculptures as if inflating them like soap bubbles. T his form is defined by balancing the conditions (location, size) that give rise to the boundary surfaces of each cell, which are formed by the internal pressures of the small spaces within the large space of the entire building. Visitors may experience the eight sculptures while moving around the cells, which connect the site's differences in elevation." --
2000s (2000 - 2009)