Silodam Housing, Amsterdam, Netherlands

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Addison Godel (was created by)
MVRDV (architect)
Winy Maas (architect)
Silodam contains 157 apartments. It is sited on a harbor in the west of the city. "The demand for a big variety of housing types has led to the design of as many spatial qualities and different housing types as possible. As a counterbalance to the increasing individuality, the housing types have been put together in mini-neighbourhoods. These groups of 4 to 8 houses are of the same type and can be recognised by their treatment of elevations and specific colours used in corridors and galleries. The houses not only differ in size and position within the building but also through the placing of interior walls, widths (5-15 meters), depths (9-20 meters), levels (1-2-3 storeys even diagonally), construction elements (walls columns, beams), exterior spaces (serre, balcony, patios, rooftops), heights (2,7-3,6 m bruto), access (corridor, gallery, bridge, stairs), number of rooms (1 to 5), voids and different types of windows. The design enabled the removal of several walls and furthermore the contractor has fulfilled numerous individual wishes of future inhabitants." ( Keywords: Netherlands, North Holland, residential structures, housing, multiple dwellings, Borneo Sporenburg.
1990s (1990 - 1999)
2000s (2000 - 2009)