Shenyang Imperial Palace, Shenyang, China

  • Date
    8/15/1998 (creation)
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John P. Schooley Jr. (was created by)
"Apart from the imperial Palace in Beijing, Shenyang imperial Place is the second existent largest palace building complex in China, it is completely preserved, Its construction was started in 1624 and it was completed in 1636,it was the palace for Qing Taizu Nurhachi and Qing Taizong Huangtaiji. Shenyang imperial Palace is divided into Eastern Line, Middle Line, and Western Line. There are over 100 ancient buildings, covering an area of over 60000 square meters. The entire building merges multinational arts of Manchu,Han,Mongolian and Tibetan nationalities, and has formed its unique style. The renowned building Phoenix Tower was the topmost building in Shenyang at that time, and 'Viewing Sunrise from Phoenix Tower' was one of eight spectacular scenes in ancient Shenyang." -- This image was taken by John P. Schooley, FAIA, during the 1982 People-to-People Architecture Delegation to the People's Republic_access of China. The People-to-People Citizen Ambassador Program sponsored the delegation lead by Professor David Glasser of the Department of Architecture, University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee. This delegation allowed architects and planners from the United States to visit landmarks as well as communities at various scales, and to meet professionals involved in their planning and continued development. Keywords: Da Zheng Hall, Ten Prince Pavilions.
Ming Dynasty (1368 CE - 1644 CE)