Shengshou Temple, Dazu, China

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The Shengshou Temple is located in Dazu County. The temple doctrine is based on Zen beliefs. First built in 1178, its mission is to protect the valuable relics of Buddhist culture; to conduct regular religious activities and organize national and international conferences; to train Buddhist personnel and offer opportunities for scholastic research of Buddhism; to satisfy the need for religious belief of different peoples; and to provide the best service to tourists and visitors. The abbot now is Master Shi Daguo. The temple is one of the major temples which are announced to be open to foreign guests in Sichuan Province. As one of the 12 scenes in Chongqing, it is a religious sport famous at home and abroad for its sacredness. and it is also a renowned place of Buddhist culture in Southwest China. ( Dazu is also known as Longgang. Keywords: ceremonial and/or religious structures, China, Chongqing. Image from the collection of Jot Carpenter.
Song Dynasty (960 CE - 1279 CE)