Schlachthausgasse Apartment and Office Building, Vienna, Austria

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Jonathan Mac Gillis (was created by)
Coop Himmelblau (architect)
2001, planning;2000;2003-2005
"At the end of 1998 the Mautner-Markhof Children's Hospital in the Third district of Vienna was closed. In 1999 the municipality explored alternative development possibilities for the now vacant area of approximately 6000-square-meters with a limited design competition, from which COOP HIMMELB(L)AU emerged as the winner. The architects suggested to conserve to a large extent the valuable trees existing along the Kleingasse and set two slim building volumes in line with the Schlachthausgasse in order to return the urban block into it's previously defined form. The remaining part of the property along the Kleingasse forms a garden yard which is acoustically separated from the busy Schlachthausgasse. Scheduled for construction from 2003 to 2005, the building complex contains 82 dwellings and approximately 12,000-square-meters of office surface with underground parking for 260 cars integrated into the sloped surface towards the Danube and thus allowing for access at almost the same level from Schlachthausgasse. The above ground, 6+1 story building, is individually differentiated by sculpturally protruding building components with special room programs which make possible an optimization of the internal sequences of functions, as well as a better utilization of daylight. In the so called "Head Building" oriented toward the south, a youth center with approximately 450-square-meters effective area and own meeting spaces in the basement is integrated." - Keywords: Austria, Wien, residential structures, housing, multiple dwellings, commerical structures. Submitted by Coop Himmelblau for the 2005 KSA Lecture Series.
2000s (2000 - 2009)