San Michele, Lucca

Related people
unknown (architect)
Matteo di Giovanni (sculptor)
1070 (creation);12th-14th century (bell tower added);13th century (scupltures & inlays added);1364-1368 (last floor demolished);1480 (Madonna salutis portus statue added);19th century (sculptures & inalys remade)
San Michele in Foro is a Roman Catholic basilica church in Lucca, Tuscany, central Italy, built over the ancient Roman forum. Notable is the fa├žade, from the 13th century, with a large series of sculptures and inlays, numerous of which remade in the 19th century. The lower part has a series of blind arcades, the central of which includes the main portal. The upper part, built using plenty of iron materials to counter wind, has four orders of small loggias.
Medieval (c. 300 CE - 1399 CE)