San Lorenzo Maggiore, Milan, Italy

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Late 4th century
The basilica is an example of Early Christian architecture. It is fronted by sixteen Corinthian columns from a 3rd century Roman temple and a courtyard with a bronze copy of the statue of Emperor Constantine in the center. The basilica was built at the end of the 4th century, but through the years, parts of it collapsed. It was restored in 1911, 1916, and 1937-38, and can now be appreciated as a primarily Early Christian construction, with Romanesque and late fifteenth century additions. Keywords: Italy, Milano, Milan, ceremonial and/or religious structures, views, St., S., cut stone bearing masonry, masonry construction, urban context. Submitted by Zachary Snyder.
Early Christian (29 - c. 500 CE (edict of Milan 315))
stone and/or rock