San Antonio, Padua, Italy

Related people
unknown (architect)
Donatello (architect)
Tiziano Aspetti (sculptor)
Stefano da Ferrara (painter)
Andrea Briosco (Riccio) (sculptor)
Altichiero (painter)
1232-1310 (creation);1424 (domes heightened)
The details of St. Anthony's entrance from the bottom of the picture upwards are: (to either side of the statue) large glassed windows; the statue of St. Anthony is in the center; immediately above is a recessed walkway; above the walkway is an open balcony extending the width of the church. The rose window and side windows are along the balcony. In this picture is one of St. Anthony's seven domes, in addition to the small tower at its front. The main door to the church is below the statue of St. Anthony. This seven-domed pilgrimage church was influenced by St. Mark's in Venice.
Medieval (c. 300 CE - 1399 CE)