Saint Peter's

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    View of Exterior - from Across Plaza
    00/00/00 (creation)
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Carlo Maderno (was created by)
Michelangelo Buonarroti (was created by)
Donato Bramante (was created by)
Gian Lorenzo Bernini (was created by)
1500 (Belvedere courtyard);1546-1564, 1590 (interior);1585-1590(dome);1656-1667 (piazza);1606-1612 (facade)
Europe->Italy->Santa Sede (Holy See)->Rome (Vatican City)
St. Peter's (San Pietro) was modified and designed by many Renaissance architects. The following five architect made major contributions to the design of the cathedral: Maderno designed the facade, Bramante designed the Belvedere Courtyard, Michelangelo designed the dome; Bernini designed the piazza, and Giocamo della Porta designed the interior. St. Peter's is located in Vatican City surrounded by Rome, Italy. Keywords: outdoor spaces, ceremonial and/or religious structures, drawings. Submitted by Aimee Moore for ARCH/LARCH 200.
16th Century (1500 - 1599 CE)
17th Century (1600 - 1699 CE)