Roof construction on a home in Brdjani, Serbia

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Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade (was created by)
This image shows two views of a finished roof renovation on an old Serbian home from the late 19th century. The renovation was supervised by Boze Petrovic, who was contracted by the owners due to his repuatation for fusing traditional Serbian design and aesthetics with contemporary building methods. Keywords: overhang, timber construction. Submitted by Rastko Ruzic for the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade.
20th Century (1900 - 1999)
heavy timber frame construction
stone and/or rock
wood (hardwood or softwood)
Pantelic, N. and Petrovic, Z. (1986). Graditeljsko nasledje i podsticaj. Belgrade: Radisa Timotic for the Ethnographic Museum in Belgrade