Romantic Tree Dorm

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Lu Zhao (was created by)
Justin Diles (studio professor)
Fall 2014
My project starts with studying the structure of Willis Tower - the bundle structure and the grid system. My first step is unraveling the bundles in order to create void spaces and added horizontal elements to act as bracing and creating different levels of views. My ensembles are vertical bundle tower clusters and horizontal bundled pavilions. The clusters' outer edge unravels down in order to have equal weight on top and bottom. The bent pavilions connected to each cluster also have different heights to view the city.
The outer edge towers are mainly for cores. They are defending the edge of the site and also create convenience for people to go to the horizontal pavilions, which are houses for students. The central clusters of towers are mainly public space for special programs. There is a courtyard in each house, giving the students the opportunity to choose their dorm view - to the city or the courtyard. There are several bridges in the middle of the central cluster in order to connect the special programs and the towers. In order to get enough light into the space between towers and pavilions, reflective skin covers the central towers.
2010s (2010 - 2019)
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