Roger Corsaw House, Norman, Oklahoma

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Timothy H. Crowther (was created by)
Bruce Alonzo Goff (was created by)
1950, 1951
The house, with an L-shaped rectilinear plan, was designed for an English professor. "It is a one-story wood frame structure supported on individual pier footings, permitting the house to float above the existing grade. The exterior surfaces have horizontal wood siding sloped in a chevron pattern to emphasize the foundation supports. All the rooms, which open to the rear, have full height windows." --Brackin, N. (Ed.)(2005-2006).Bruce Goff Oklahoma Guide (Friends of Kebyar, 22.1 (71)). Friends of Kebyar, Inc. Atlanta, Georgia. p. 35 Keywords: Oklahoma, Midwest, Midwestern, residential structures, housing. Submitted by Timothy H. Crowther.
1950s (1950 - 1959)
light frame construction
wood (hardwood or softwood)