Quonset Hut 7, The Ohio State University

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Roth-Schenker Corp. (was created by)
1947 (accepted for use by The Ohio State University);1984 (demolished)
Quonset Hut 7 was located at 2332 Kenny Road on the Ohio State University campus. It is shown here as Herrick Archives Building Number 165. This structure was Building 9C of the Veterans Educational Facilities, Farm Management Laboratory, and was also known as the Wood Working Shop or Pavey Annex. Constructed by the Roth-Schenker Corp. for the Federal Works Agency, this building was a war surplus building erected on the campus as a temporary building after World War II. In some maps it is shown as part of Pavey Shop (Herrick Archives Building 062), although it is a separate structure. The building was demolished in August 1984.
1940s (1940 - 1949)
concrete block wall
corrugated sheet metal