Qingpu Private Enterprise Association Building, Qingpu, China

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Timothy H. Crowther (photographer)
Atelier Deshaus (was created by)
At first glance, "this Chinese 'glass house' may appear to be a simple cube, but it is actually two structures: a core building with a 60-by-60-meter plan that is three stories tall and a second structure that is a lattice frame of steel and glass enclosing the first one. Between the two structures, an airy, buffer zone planted with bamboo and traversed by gentle ramps, wraps around the office core. The "interior" building is enclosed by glazed curtain wall containing a layer of film printed with a pattern that echoes the cracks found in ice and alludes to traditional Chinese screens. The ground floor is elevated, housing a reception area and a cafe, while the upper two floors contain offices and conference facilities." -- http://archrecord.construction.com/ar_china/BWAR/0604-07_QingpuOffice.asp Keywords: China, People's Republic_access of China, PRC, Qinglong Rd, Qingpu New Town, business association building. Submitted by Timothy Crowther.
People's Republic_access of China (1949 CE - Present)