Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts, Saint Louis, Missouri

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    8/15/1993 (creation)
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August 31 1997 at 20:00;October 16 2001 at 20:00
The Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts building is located at 3716 Washington Boulevard, St. Louis, Missouri. It was designed to house art exhibition areas, offices and Pulitzer Foundation programs, and to help revitalize the surrounding neighborhood. The Grand Center area is an entertainment and art district within the city of St. Louis. The scheme involves "a concrete building consisting of two long rectangles, one of which is ten feet taller than the other. A cantilevered roof slab extends from the higher wing over the lower and is supported by a single column. The lower roof houses a glass pavilion and terrace on one-third of its length. The remaining portion is planted with pygmy bamboo (Arundianaria pygmea). Between the two wings is a reflecting pool." -- Curtis, W.J.R. (2001). Abstractions in Space: Tadao Ando, Ellsworth Kelly, Richard Serra. St. Louis, Missouri: Pulitzer Foundation for the Arts. p. 63. Keywords: United States, exhibition structures, museums, exhibition buildings, social and civic buildings, foundations, revitalization. Submitted by Robert Wandel, AIA.
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