Precedent Studies/Formal Analysis: Student project by Stella Park, 2005

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Jane Amidon (studio professor)
This was a graduate student project by Stella Park for Jane Amidon's LARCH 253 course, Winter 2005. "Knowledge of precedent serves not only as a means of becoming better educated, but can be used as a tool and the basis from which to begin the historic or contemporary precedent as a reference the task becomes much more difficult. By becoming fluent in many built or even theoretical spaces the designer has many references from which to draw upon and use as a point of departure. Time and effort must be exerted to fully comprehend a space; through the process of diagramming formal relationships, as well as knowledge of historical, social and philosophical content one gains a new level of understanding not previously apparent. Formalism is the study of design which investigates the interrelationships among the whole, the constituent parts and the broader context. With the study of formalism, this project is set to develop the knowledge of design by research and prepare a formal analysis through the process of diagramming." -- Stella Park Keywords: drawings, historic precedent, Savannah City Plan, drawings, plans, student work, KSA.
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