Poultry Garage; Poultry Storage Shed

Shown here is Herrick Archives Number H 955/56, the Poultry Garage (H 955) and Poultry Storage Shed (H 956). Both buildings were one story, frame buildings. The origin of these buildings is not clear. These buildings might have been constructed as part of the second poultry farm (Herrick Archives Buildings H 315-322), but they do not appear on drawings for that project. Both buildings were initially used as storage sheds for the Poultry Department. These buildings were demolished in April or May of 1965 in connection with the construction of the athletic fields south of the Ernie Biggs Athletic Training Facility (Herrick Archives Building 282). The addresses arbitrarily assigned for these buildings were 2340 Fyffe Rd (H 955) and 2330 Fyffe Rd (H 956) on The Ohio State University campus.