Philopappus Hill, Athens, Greece

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"The Philopappus [a.k.a. Filopappos or Philopappos] Hill or the Hill of the Muses is located opposite to the Acropolis. The hill took it name from the funeral monument built at its top in 115 A.D in memory of Gaius Julius Antiochus Philopappos who was a Roman consul. The monument was 10 metres high with statues of the family of Filopappos. The hill is pine-covered and the top offers incredible panoramic views over Athens, the acropolis and the Saronic Gulf. It is only accessible by foot. The hill also houses the small Byzantine chapel of Agios Dimitrios which contains some fine frescoes." -- (10/9/05) Keywords: Greece, Perifereia Protevousis, acropolis, landscape, park, mountain, hill, natural feature. Submitted by Aimee Moore for ARCH/LARCH 200.