Phaeno Science Center

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    View of Exterior
    5/11/2013 (creation)
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Zaha Hadid (was created by)
Europe->Germany->Lower Saxony->Wolfsburg
"By creating a series of spaces that optimize not only the material efficiency of cast concrete, but also its spatial efficiency, Hadid's studio continues to develop an architectural expression that seeks to minimize the distinction between the spatial organism and the structural organis. As described by project architect Christos Passas, the building was conceived as a series of horizontal and vertical surfaces that have been deformed and shaped by the influences of spatial and programmatic requirements. By notionally inflating a concrete skin to produce monumental form, the monolith will have a powerful internal and external presence and will comprise three principal spaces: a 15,000 sqm subterranean car park, a new contoured public space (maintaining views between the historic centre and the city's famous VW factory), and a 12,000 sqm exhibition space held 8m above the ground by 10 conical inhabited pilotis that taper and rise through the space from the basement below. " --Gregory, R. (2004). Ancient and Modern. Architectural Review, January, p.54.
21st Century (2000 - 2099)