PepsiCo, Inc. World Headquarters

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Edward D. Stone, Jr. and Associates (was created by)
Edward Durrell Stone and Associates (was created by)
The architect of the building was Edward Durell Stone & Associates. The landscape architect was Edward D. Stone, Jr. & Associates with Joe Lalli as Project Landscape Architect in 1970. After about 10 years and the addition of 40 pieces of sculpture, Stone withdrew and Russell Page was hired as Landscape Designer until his death in 1985 when his assistant Francois Goffinet became Landscape Designer for the site. The client was Donald Kendall of Pepsico, Inc. Keywords: United States, New York, Westchester County, Harrison, Purchase, commercial structures, outdoor spaces. Submitted by Lawrence Walquist, Jr.
1970s (1970 - 1979)