Pedagogical, Scientific, and Technological Center, University of Aveiro, Portugal

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"The program of the facilities is organized in three floors. On the ground floor, served by two secondary accesses and a main access, which leads to the hall, are three lecture rooms, bar/social area and the administrative services. On the upper floors are the theoretical classrooms, computer sciences, multimedia and study rooms; on the third floor, the Physics and Chemistry laboratories." -- Fernandes, F., Cannata, M. (2001). Contemporary Architecture in Portugal. 2nd ed. Porto, Portugal: ASA Editores. p. 119 This building is one of the many on the campus which has been designed by acclaimed Portuguese architects. "Besides being a university campus, the campus of the University of Aveiro could also be called a site of Portuguese architecture. It includes over thirty buildings by twenty architects and it has created a new urban pole within the city of Aveiro, which is widely known and appreciated both at the national and international level." -- Keywords: Portugal, Aveiro, Universidade de Aveiro, Complexo Pedagogico, Cientifico e Technologico, Vitor Figueiredo, institutional building, school, university buildings. Submitted by Timothy Crowther, recipient of the 2005 Whitaker Travelling Fellowship.
1990s (1990 - 1999)
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