Orestad College, Copenhagen, Denmark

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Orestad College is the latest "gymnasium" (college or upper secondary school) in Copenhagen, built in this Danish capital's development area. "Four boomerang-shaped storey decks rotate in relation to each other like the shutter of a camera. They form the superstructure; the overall framework of the college, and provide space for the college's four study zones. Each zone is on one level, providing organizational flexibility, with the option of micro-adjustment to create different spaces, learning environments and group sizes. The rotation of the storey decks projects a part of each deck into the high central hall. This part is the so called X-zone; a spatial expression of the college's ambition to promote interdisciplinary expertise between study zones with physical and visual links. The rotated decks are mirrored in the facades. Due to their rotation, the decks create openings double- and triple-high while drawing lines on the facade. As a rule, the glass is smooth with the deck fronts, but on each floor, one façade is withdrawn to create an outdoor space. These outdoor spaces are connected from ground to roof. In front of the glass facades, a series of colored, semi-transparent glass louvers can open or close to protect from the sun, while adding dashes of colour to the indoor environment." --http://www.3xn.dk/
2000s (2000 - 2009)