Ohio Avenue Elementary School

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    View of Exterior
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David Riebel (architect)
1893;1952 (interior renovations);1952-1959 (classrooms added);1966 (classroom addition and minor remodeling);1968 (wing addition)
North and Central America->United States->Ohio->Franklin (county)->Columbus->Ohio Avenue Elementary School
Ohio Avenue Elementary School is located at 505 South Ohio Avenue, Columbus, Ohio. It was designed by D. Riebel.
This school has undergone a number of renovations since 1893. Interior renovations in 1952 were designed by Inscho, Brand, and Inscho Architects. Classrooms were added between 1952-1959. Classroom additions and minor remodeling took place in 1966 and were designed by David E. Jones. Kayser-Dennison-Cothern Architects designed a wing addition in 1968. Riccuiti Balog & Partners will add a dining hall and renovate all classrooms with a complete HVAC systems update by August 2006.
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19th Century (1800 - 1899 CE)
stone and/or rock