Nyboder School's Multiroom, Copenhagen, Denmark

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    8/15/1998 (creation)
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March 5 2017 at 19:00
Nyboder Elementary School, near Osterport Station, had growth issues; as more and more families were choosing to stay in the city, more pupils were enrolling in its schools. To help solve the school's space problems, a multipurpose hall was built on the land between the school and the Free Exhibition Building. The multipurpose hall is the first part of a major project that will include installing floor slabs in two old gymnasiums, thereby transforming them into special-subject rooms. The multipurpose hall was conceived as a hybrid between a building and a ball court. Together, the indoor and outdoor facilities have a curved shape reminiscent of a guitar. The shape was chosen to emphasize that the multipurpose hall is not just a square box for traditional ball games, but can also be used for many other types of physical activity. The multipurpose hall lies on top of a big bunker that was built during the German Occupation in World War II and was used as a control center. The bunker's two-meter-thick concrete roof and walls made excavation for the hall problematic. On the other hand, it made it possible to install a special ventilation system that exploits the bunker's low temperature in the summer and extracts cool air into the hall above.
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