New York Times Tower, New York City

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Robert Wandel (was created by)
Renzo Piano (was created by)
Fox and Fowle Architects (was created by)
"Located in Times Square, the New York Times Building houses the new headquarters of the newspaper. The facade of the tower is a combination of glass curtain walls and a scrim of white ceramic tubes. This scrim, positioned 61 cm from the structure, acts as an energy efficient sunscreen. At the same time, it captures and reflects the shimmering and colors of New York's light. In accordance with the spirit of the project, the lobby of the building is very open, transparent and permeable. At ground level, a large internal garden is public_accessly accessible and visible from the street, thereby creating multiple transparencies through the block from 40th and 41st streets. The lobby at the street level also includes a semi-public_access auditorium, restaurants and shops that are intended to be a part of the street environment." -- information from Renzo Piano Building Workshop at "An advanced sunshading system, floor to ceiling glass, increased ceiling heights, efficient lighting and mechanical systems, displaced ventilation, extensive mock-up testing, and a variety of additional sustainable features will ensure that the New York Times Building will bring a new standard of comfort and efficiency in high-rise office space." --
2000s (2000 - 2009)
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