Namdaemun, Seoul, Korea

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When the Choson dynasty was built in 1392, the capital was transferred from Gaeseong to Hanyang (Seoul) and a defensive wall was built around the city. In keeping with East Asian precedent there were gates at each of the four approaches to the city: north, south, east, and west. Of the original four, the south gate (Namdaemun, shown in this image) is the best preserved, dating from 1447. Namdaemun is currently the oldest wood-built structure remaining in Seoul and it is the 'National Treasure No.1' (GukBo No.1: 1962). It's located at 29 Namdaemun 4-ga, Jung-ku, Seoul, Korea. Keywords: South Korea, Seoul, the Great South Gate, construction, transportation spaces, roads, streets, site and landscaped elements, high-rise buildings, historic buildings, gate. Submitted by Misun Hur.
Choson Dynasty (1392 CE - 1910 CE)