Mount Vernon, Virginia

Related people
Batty Langley (landscape architect)
George Washington (architect)
1735;1754 (acquired by George Washington);1761-1799 (renovated by George Washington)
North and Central America->United States->Virginia (VA)->Mount Vernon (historic site)
The estate has been held by the Washington family since 1674, with George Washington as owner from 1761-1799. Over the years, Washington enlarged the mansion and built up the property from 2,000 acres to nearly 8,000 acres comprising five working farms. He designed the outbuildings and created a landscape that reflects creativity, beauty and functionality in a harmonious setting. The residence of George Washington can be included among the best traditional gardens of the Early National Period. From the collection of Perry Borchers.
17th Century (1600 - 1699 CE)
18th Century (1700 - 1799 CE)