Monument of the Eponymous Heroes, Agora, Athens, Greece

350 BCE ca.
The monument of the Eponymous heroes was a long statue base which carried bronze statues of the ten heroes, with tripods at each end to reflect the Delphic role in their selection. The Eponymous Heroes were the legendary heroes whose names identified the 10 tribes of Attica, into which the Attic population was officially grouped by Kleisthenes in 508 BCE. They stood on a pedestal around 16.64m (54.6ft) long and 1.87m (6ft) wide, the pedestal was surrounded by a barrier of stone fence posts with wooden railings. The Archivision Collection of Ancient Sites was funded by the Jack Martin Balcer Library Endowment. Keywords: Greece, Perifereia Protevousis (Greater Athens), Athens, Ancient Greek, Mediterranean, stone, Kleisthenes, Hippothontis, Antichis, Aiantis, Leonitis, Erectheis, Aigeis, Oineis, Akamantis, Kekropis, Pandionis.
stone and/or rock