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Millennium Bridge, London, England

Related people
Matthew Canterna (photographer)
Anthony Caro (sculptor)
Ove Arup and Partners (engineer)
Norman Robert Foster (architect)
Foster and Partners (was created by)
London's Millennium Bridge connects the West bank and city of London to the East bank and the Tate Modern Gallery. The stainless steel construction spans 325 m and is the first pedestrian river crossing over the Thames in central London for more than a century. The bridge uses "lateral suspension" - an engineering innovation that allows suspension bridges to be built without tall supporting columns. The designers predicted it would be a "blade of light" across the Thames," an absolute statement of our capabilities at the beginning of the 21st century". -- http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/static/in_depth/uk/2000/millennium_brid... Keywords: United Kingdom, England, Greater London, London, transportation structure, bridges, ceremonial and religious structures, churches, cathedrals, river, pedestrians, St. Paul's. Contributed by Matthew Canterna.
21st Century (2000 - 2099)
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