Mathematics Tower, The Ohio State University

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Lorrie McAllister (was created by)
Collins, Rimer and Gordon Architects Inc. (architect)
Johnson/Burgee (was created by)
Philip Johnson (architect)
Mathematics Tower is located at 231 W. 18th Ave. This building is listed as Herrick ID: PH 007 and has not been officially named by the Board of Trustees. An alternate name is the Brown Hall Annex Replacement. The Mathematics Tower was built in conjunction with 209 W. 18th Ave (004), and the Science and Engineering Library (005) are the only buildings in Central Ohio designed by Philip Johnson. The Mathematic Tower is constructed using a steel frame with masonry skin. It has eight stories and a basement. 1993 Architects: Collins, Rimer and Gordon Architects, Inc., Burgee and Johnson (design architect) The University associate involved with the project was Captain: Koelbl, Barbara, who handled administrative duties of the project. 1993 General contractor: Turner Construction
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