Marktkirche St. Marien, Halle, Germany

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The hallensian market square is famous with its five towers: the red tower as well as the four towers of the church "Unser lieben Frauen" ("Our beloved Womenfolk"). In 1530 the naves of St. Gertrude (west) and St. Mary's (east) were torn down. Between the remaining two double-towers a new, sublime nave was erected. In 1541 Albrecht presented a painted altar-furniture (by Simon Franck, 1529) to the parish, that formerly had its place in the new collegiate church. Two eastern and two western towers are in differing styles, reminiscent in the east of late Romanesque and in the west of late Gothic. Musician George Frideric Handel baptised in this church and his statue is located on the east side of the church. - This image shows the west side of the church. Keywords: Germany, Saxony-Anhalt, Halle (national district), Halle, Halloren, Halle an der Saale, Marktkirche St. Marien, Market church St. Marien, The Church of Our Lady, George Frideric Handel, ceremonial and religious structures, churches, outdoor spaces, plazas, hydraulic structures, fountains. Submitted by Hazel Morrow-Jones.
16th Century (1500 - 1599 CE)