Maritime Youth House, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • Date
    10/8/1996 (creation)
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PLOT (was created by)
PLOT (architect)
The Maritime Youth House is shared by two clients, a sail club and a youth house, who had very different programs. The youth house needed outdoor space for the kids to play, the sail club needed most of the site to park their boats. In the places where the deck rises it allows for boat storage underneath and, at the same time, becomes an exciting play area for the kids. The common room, where most of the daily activities take place, is located in the front house. The workshop and storage is in the rear corner building. PLOT was founded in 2001 by architects Bjarke Ingels and Julien De Smedt. Keywords: Denmark, Kobenhavn, Copenhagen, building divisions, rooms and spaces, recreation buildings, entertainment buildings, sports and recreation spaces, outdoor spaces, people, children, drawings and/or plans, views. Submitted by Bjarke Ingels for PLOT for the KSA Lecture Series, Winter 2006.
2000s (2000 - 2009)
deciduous trees
stone and/or rock
wood or wood products